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Created by Ashley Evans
  • Details about Flora and the Penguin

    Flora and the Penguin

    by Molly Idle

    Having mastered ballet in Flora and the Flamingo, Flora takes to the ice and forms an unexpected friendship with a penguin. Twirling, leaping, spinning, and gliding, on skates and flippers, the duo mirror each other's graceful dance above and below the ice. But when Flora gives the penguin the cold shoulder, the pair must figure out a way to work together for uplifting results. Artist Molly Idle creates an innovative, wordless picture book with clever flaps that reveal Flora and the penguin comi……more

  • Details about Antarctic Antics : A Book of Penguin Poems

    Antarctic Antics : A Book of Penguin Poems

    by Judy Sierra ; illustrated by Jose Aruego & Ariane Dewey

    Dive, swim, and glide with this delightful pack of penguins as they slip and slide through their icy world. Judy Sierra, Jose Aruego, and Ariane Dewey invite you into the world of an Emperor penguin family and their wild, slip-sliding, rhyming fun.…more

  • Details about Baby Penguins Love Their Mama!

    Baby Penguins Love Their Mama!

    by Melissa Guion

    Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day . . . or any day! When you're a mama penguin with lots (and lots) of little ones to take care of, the days can melt together in a blur. Monday: swimming lessons. Tuesday: sliding. Wednesday: waddling. And on and on. Mama loves her babies so much. Do they know, she wonders, just how much? As it turns out, they do--because they love her just as much! And to show it, they surprise her with a thoughtful gesture of their own on Sunday. In her companion to Bab……more

  • Details about Emperor Penguins Up Close

    Emperor Penguins Up Close

    by Carmen Bredeson

    Imagine marching through the cold, snowy land of Antarctica and observing the big black and white emperor penguin. EMPEROR PENGUINS UP CLOSE will take you on a journey into that frozen land. Sneak a peek at penguins leaping out of the water and parading miles across the frozen land. See emperor penguins' chicks and families up close.…more

  • Details about Penguins


    by Kate Riggs

    A prekindergarten-level introduction to penguins, covering their growth process, behaviors, the coasts they call home, and such defining physical features as their flippers.…more

  • Details about Where is Home, Little Pip?

    Where is Home, Little Pip?

    by Karma Wilson ; illustrated by Jane Chapman.

    For Little Pip, the baby penguin, home is a pebbly nest on the cold Antartic shore. Mama and Papa always reminds Pip not to wander far, and she never does...until one day a black, glittery feather leads Pip on a chase far, far from home. As she tries to find her way back to her parents, Pip encounters some friendly animals, a mighty blue whale, a gull, and even a sled dog. But while these animals know where their home is, they do not know where Pip's home is. In her sadness, Pip begins to sing a……more

  • Details about Penguins !

    Penguins !

    by Anne Schreiber

    They waddled into stardom in National Geographic's March of the Penguins film. These guys are now nature's ROCK STARS! If you're age 5, you're probably as tall as an Emperor. But why do they throw up so much? March this way, and find out all! National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources. Visit for more information.…more

  • Details about Penguin and Pinecone : A Friend Story

    Penguin and Pinecone : A Friend Story

    by Salina Yoon

    When Penguin finds a lost pinecone one day, an unlikely friendship blooms. But Grandpa reminds Penguin that pinecones can't live in the snow-they belong in the warm forest far away. Though he will miss his friend, Penguin returns Pinecone to his home, dreaming of the day they can reunite. And when he finally returns to the forest to check on his friend, Penguin discovers that love only grows over time-and so do little pinecones! Prolific author/illustrator Salina Yoon's spare text and bright, en……more

  • Details about Looking at Penguins

    Looking at Penguins

    by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent ; photographs by Graham Robertson

    Describes the different kinds of penguins, their habitat, behavior, and status as an endangered species.…more

  • Details about Baby Penguins Everywhere!

    Baby Penguins Everywhere!

    by Melissa Guion

    Can there be such a thing as too many adorable penguins? One day a penguin sees a most unusual sight: a hat floating in the icy water. Even more unusual? Out of the hat pops a baby penguin. But not just one baby penguin . . . or even two. But a third, and a fourth, and on and on! At first the mama penguin is happy for the company. Until she realizes that taking care of a family is very hard, very tiring work, and what she could really use is just a moment alone. Yet as newcomer Melissa Guion rem……more

  • Details about Penguins of the World

    Penguins of the World

    by Wayne Lynch

    Looking like a group of elegantly dressed gentlemen at a formal function, penguins remind us of ourselves. According to author Wayne Lynch, part of our curiosity about these stocky little birds is related to just that -- their almost human behaviors. Like us, they live in communities where they play and fight with one another, steal from each other, hunt for food, quarrel with their mates, form lasting pair bonds, separate, commit infidelities and care for and sometimes neglect or even kill thei……more

  • Details about Plenty of Penguins

    Plenty of Penguins

    by Sonia W. Black ; illustrated by Turi MacCombie

    Hello, Parent! Hello Reader! books have been designed -- -- for parents to read to children -- for children to read to parents -- for children to read themselves -- to make your child a better reader.…more

  • Details about Little Penguin

    Little Penguin

    by Patrick Benson

    Comparing herself to the larger Emperor penguins, Pip the Adelie penguin feels unhappy with her size until an encounter with a huge sperm whale puts things in a different perspective for her.…more