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Spring is Here

Created by Barbara Jannaman
  • Details about Ready Set Grow!

    Ready Set Grow!

    senior editor, Deborah Lock ; US editor, Margaret Parrish

    With top 10 lists, showing the best and easiest plants to grow and projects that can be completed anywhere, from the city to the suburbs, Ready Set Grow features more than 30 simple gardening projects specially designed to be completed during summer vacation. In Ready Set Grow step-by-step photographs show young gardeners how to grow plants from seed, how to propagate plants, when to harvest seeds, how long different plants take to grow, what to do about pests, and much more.…more

  • Details about Baby Loves Spring!

    Baby Loves Spring!

    by Karen Katz

    Baby discovers there's a lot to love about springtime in this new board book from Karen Katz! It's springtime and Baby is taking a walk. What does Baby see? Who is tweeting in the tree? Look! It's baby robins! Little ones will love lifting the large, sturdy flaps in this book to reveal baby robins, beautiful butterflies, and everything else that Baby loves about spring! The sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to share. This new gem from Karen Katz is sure to……more

  • Details about Everything Spring

    Everything Spring

    by Jill Esbaum

    Surround yourself in Everything Spring. Stunning photography and detailed imagery capture the uplifting spirit of our favorite season in this counterpart to the National Geographic bestseller A Tree for All Seasons. We think of spring and we feel warmer, sunny days, we smell the freshness of nature's flowers blooming again, and we picture little chicks and furry bunnies. These adorable baby animals are fun to look at and they represent the spirit of renewal and life that is spring. Every young c……more

  • Details about And Then It's Spring

    And Then It's Spring

    by Julie Fogliano; illustrated by Erin E. Stead

    Following a snow-filled winter, a young boy and his dog decide that they've had enough of all that brown and resolve to plant a garden. They dig, they plant, they play, they wait . . . and wait . . . until at last, the brown becomes a more hopeful shade of brown, a sign that spring may finally be on its way.   Julie Fogliano's tender story of anticipation is brought to life by the distinctive illustrations Erin E. Stead, recipient of the 2011 Caldecott Medal.…more

  • Details about Sorting Through Spring

    Sorting Through Spring

    written by Lizann Flatt ; illustrated by Ashley Barron

    As young readers journey into the natural world, they will discover that numbers, patterns, shapes — and much more! — can be found by observing everyday plants and animals. What if animals and plants knew math, just like us? Would flowers bloom in patterns? Would raindrops fall in rhythm? Would birds balance evenly on branches? In Sorting through Spring , the second title in the Math in Nature series, nature comes to life to help children grasp concepts of patterning, sorting, data m……more

  • Details about Outdoor Crafts : Lots of Fun Things to Make and Do Outside

    Outdoor Crafts : Lots of Fun Things to Make and Do Outside

    senior editors, Deborah Lock, Penny Smith, and Carrie Love ; US editor, Margaret Parrish

    A collection of fun, beautiful projects that children can make and do outside, Outdoor Crafts incorporates natural materials that children can find in their backyard, or that they've grown themselves in a garden or pot. The book is divided into three sections -- Make It, Cook It, and Create It. In Make It, children can create labels for the garden, decorate flower pots, and make a scarecrow. In Cook It, children can get recipes for muffins, blueberry cheesecake, lemon ices and more using the cro……more

  • Details about Spring Is Here!

    Spring Is Here!

    by Will Hillenbrand

    Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Spring is in the air. Mole can smell it. But Bear is still asleep after his long winter nap. How will Mole wake up Bear so they can celebrate together? When a knock, knock, knock and toot, toot, toot can't get Bear out of bed, Mole cooks up a special treat. Spring fever is catching in this vibrant story of friendship.…more

  • Details about Hurray For Spring!

    Hurray For Spring!

    by Patricia Hubbell; illustrated by Taia Morley

    Hurray for Spring! is a whimsical welcome to a child's favorite season. A delightful, rhyming text with lots of fun words-like jumpity, thumpity, scampering, and skittering-makes this a wonderfully cadenced anthem to spring. Adorable illustrations with larger-than-life details spring off the page. This fanciful book ends with a splash and will inspire little ones to explore their own springtime world.…more

  • Details about Spring Surprises

    Spring Surprises

    by Anna Jane Hays; illustrated by Hala Wittwer Swearingen

    It's time to say goodbye to winter and celebrate all the fun and exciting surprises springtime offers--like flying kites, making mud pies, watching new baby animals take their first steps, and dancing among the raindrops. This joyful ode to all things spring is filled with easy-to-decode rhymed text and bright, inviting art.Spring Surprisesincludes two sheets of stickers.…more

  • Details about The Tiny Seed

    The Tiny Seed

    by Eric Carle

    Dazzlingly colorful collage illustrations and a simple but dramatic text tell the fascinating story of the life cycle of a flower in terms of the adventures of a tiny seed. Carried aloft by the autumn wind, the tiny seed, along with other bigger seeds, travels far over the world. the journey is perilous: one of the bigger seeds is burned by the sun; another falls into the ocean; still another is eaten by a bird. Even after those that are left have landed on fertile ground and begun to grow, dang……more

  • Details about Welcome Spring

    Welcome Spring

    illustrated by Nancy Davis ; written by Jill Ackerman

    This bright, tactile board book celebrates a first encounter with the most cheerful season: spring! Bold, simple illustrations and textures show what a child first sees, hears, touches, and feels. And no matter how windy or wet it may be outside, this child ends up safe and dry in Mommy's arms. The second in this series of four seasonal offerings. Glitter on the cover Foil Flaps Flocking Touch-and-feel textures thoughout…more

  • Details about Spring


    by Emily C. Dawson

    In Spring, early readers will explore the season of spring. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they discover how spring weather affects the behavior of animals, the growth of plants, and the activities of people. A labeled diagram helps readers identify the four seasons, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary. Children can learn more about the spring season online using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate webs……more