DIY Halloween

Created by Jennifer Carter
  • Details about All New Crafts for Halloween

    All New Crafts for Halloween

    by Kathy Ross; illustrated by Barbara Leonard

    Kathy Ross, America's crafts-for-kids expert, shares some new and very original ideas for Halloween fun. There are practical ideas, such as the Safety Owl Treat Bag, which is a goody bag owl with CDs for eyes. Jewelry ideas include Skeleton Scatter Pins (made from Q-Tips -- adorable) and some fashionable Batty Ear Dangles. Party favors abound, including Witchy Pens, Floating Ghost Candy Cups, and, shudder, Something Weird in a Jar. Add to the mixture a few scary puppets, a Frankenstein Treasure ……more

  • Details about How to Make Frightening Halloween Decorations

    How to Make Frightening Halloween Decorations

    by Catherine Ipcizade

    Do you like to scare and gross out your friends? Create frightening Halloween decorations with just a few simple supplies. Surprise your friends with glowing alien heads and sicken them with bloody intestines. Whether you're decorating for a party or just for fun, these projects will turn an ordinary Halloween into a howling good time.…more

  • Details about How to Create Spectacular Halloween Costumes

    How to Create Spectacular Halloween Costumes

    by Louann Brown and Jason Nemeth

    Are you searching for a Halloween costume that will get you noticed? Then How to Create Spectacular Halloween Costumes is the book for you From a guitar playing vampire to the floor of a movie theater, these easy to make costumes are sure to impress your friends. They might even cause a few screams…more

  • Details about Halloween Crafts

    Halloween Crafts

    by Fay Robinson

    Monsters peek out from doorways. Ghosts and skeletons gather in the streets. No, you're not living in a horror's Halloween, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate! Using these step-by-step instructions, photographs, and traceable patterns, you can make a coffin to store your treats in, a bat puppet to tell spooky stories with, a haunted house of your own, and more!…more

  • Details about Carving Pumpkins

    Carving Pumpkins

    by Dana Meachen Rau ; illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek

    Learn how to carve pumpkins with these fun activities.…more

  • Details about Spooky Crafts

    Spooky Crafts

    by Helen Skillicorn

    Learn how to make your own bat mobile, owl puppet, and Halloween flashlight lantern. Twelve projects are rated by difficulty, and some provide you with a spooktacular chance to scare mom or dad!…more