Fire Prevention

Created by Jennifer Carter
  • Details about LEGO City: Fight this fire!

    LEGO City: Fight this fire!

    by Michael Anthony Steele; illustrated by Chuck Primeau

    Build your LEGO library! Welcome to the LEGO City Fire Department! There's a new trainee in town - and he's a little bit clumsy. He can't use the fire hose, or fly the helicopter, but he might have what it takes to save the day.…more

  • Details about Flat Stanley and the Firehouse

    Flat Stanley and the Firehouse

    by Jeff Brown ; written by Lori Haskins Houran ; pictures by Macky Pamintuan

    Stanley's Stop, Drop, and Roll poster wins him a trip to the firehouse, but the visit takes an unexpected turn.…more

  • Details about Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the Firefighters

    Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the Firefighters

    illustrated in the style of H.A. Rey by Anna Grossnickle Hines

    It's the formula for success for preschoolers--Curious George and fire trucks! Curious George and the Firefighters is a story based on H. A. and Margret Rey's popular primate and painted in the original watercolor and charcoal style. Firefighters are a famously brave lot, but can they withstand a visit from one curious monkey? For more monkey fun, investigate and discover all the latest on Curious George books, promotions, games, activities, and more!…more

  • Details about This is the Firefighter

    This is the Firefighter

    by Laura Godwin; pictures by Julian Hector

    As Portia, Jason, and Jellaby continue their journey through the city of Toronto, Portia is torn between her friendship with Jellaby and her duty to help the sweet monster find his way back to his home. How can Portia say goodbye forever, when Jellaby has become her best friend? But the clues leading them to Jellaby's origins begin to turn sinister. When a hooded wizard introduces them to another monster like Jellaby, Portia and her purple friend are in for a gruesome shock -- this monster befri……more

  • Details about Firefighters!: speeding! spraying! saving!

    Firefighters!: speeding! spraying! saving!

    by Patricia Hubbell; illustrations by Viviana Garofoli

    Firefighters rush into their fireproof suits. They pull on their helmets, gloves, and boots. Then off they roar in their trucks--zooming away to save the day! Patricia Hubbell keeps the fun coming with another volume with a "things that go" theme. Viviana…more

  • Details about Firefighter Frank

    Firefighter Frank

    by Arthur Symons ; with an introduction by Richard Ellmann

    Firefighter Frank has one of the most important jobs in the community. Now young children can thrill to the sight of the shiny fire engines all ready to go. They can follow along as Frank keeps his gear in tip-top shape, gives safety tips to visiting children, and cooks supper for the crew. And when the alarm bell clangs, Frank and his team race to the scene to fight the fire and keep everyone safe. Like Apple Farmer Annie, this picture book, painted with Monica Wellington's trademark color flai……more

  • Details about Fire in the Forest!

    Fire in the Forest!

    by Samantha Brooke ; illustrated by Kenny Kiernan

    Forest firefighters have many important jobs to do! Not only do they teach visitors about fire safety and prevention, they stand ready to put out a wildfire at any time! With airplanes, hoses, and all the tools of the trade, LEGO┬« City Forest Firefighters keep the city safe.…more

  • Details about Alphabet Rescue

    Alphabet Rescue

    by Audrey Wood ; illustrated by Bruce Wood

    The little letters of the alphabet are making their own fire truck-and just in time, they save the day. This inventive concept book is sure to be a favourite with all students who are learning their alphabet.…more

  • Details about Fire Truck

    Fire Truck

    by Caroline Bingham

    Follow firefighters from siren to rescue in this exciting book featuring a variety of rescue machines from fire trucks to ambulances, lifeboats to rescue helicopters. Machines at Work: Fire Truck also contains fun facts about how high a ladder on a truck can reach and exactly what a fire crew does-starting from the moment they learn of a fire.…more

  • Details about Fire Fighters

    Fire Fighters

    by Norma Simon. Ill. by Pam Paparone

    Open the firehouse doors. Start the engines. They're off! They're the fire fighters, speeding to the scene of a fire. In their truck they answer the call. But will they make it in time? And what happens when their work is through? "Fire Fighters takes readers from the fire station to a house gone up in flames and back to the station again. Trusty dalmatians help youngsters understand the seriousness of fighting a fire.…more

  • Details about Little Critter: Going to the Firehouse.

    Little Critter: Going to the Firehouse.

    by Mercer Mayer

    Whoosh! goes the water hose. Ooo! Eee! Ooo! goes the siren. Ding! Ding! goes the fire alarm. Little Critter and his classmates are taking a trip to the firehouse! Little Critter puts on his boots and jacket--now he's ready to help Fireman Joe. After checking the hose and ladder, Little Critter is ready for a fireman's helmet of his own. Join Little Critter as he learns to stop, drop, and roll with Fireman Joe! This sweet, simple story is perfect for emergent readers ready to climb their own ladd……more