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Created by Katie Zang
  • Details about My Penguin Osbert

    My Penguin Osbert

    Elizabeth Cody Kimmel; H. B. Lewis (Illustrator)

    Fabulously illustrated by H. B. Lewis, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's hilarious romp through the land of be-careful-what-you-wish-for offers a whole year's worth of holiday fun magic. This year, I was very specific in my letter to Santa Claus. Each year at Christmas, Joe writes a letter to Santa. But they've had a few misunderstandings in the past. Last year, for example, Joe wanted a fire-engine-red racecar with retracting headlights, and he did get one -- but it was only three inches long. So this……more

  • Details about Where's Walrus? and Penguin?

    Where's Walrus? and Penguin?

    Stephen Savage

    When Walrus escapes the zoo with his new friend Penguin, their adventures are twice the fun! In this sequel to the acclaimed WHERE'S WALRUS?, author Stephen Savage doubles the fun when Walrus escapes the zoo with his mischievous pal, Penguin. Will the zookeeper find them? Or will these clever runaways stay one step ahead disguised as subway riders, baseball players, and even grand opera performers? Hiding in plain sight, they elude the clueless zookeeper until a fly ball at a baseball game lead……more

  • Details about Penguins


    by Kate Riggs

    A prekindergarten-level introduction to penguins, covering their growth process, behaviors, the coasts they call home, and such defining physical features as their flippers.…more

  • Details about Penguin's Big Adventure

    Penguin's Big Adventure

    Salina Yoon

    Penguin embarks on his next journey-becoming the first penguin to explore the North Pole! Along the way, he says hello to all of his old friends. But when he finally reaches his destination, he realizes he's all alone in a strange, foreign place.... How will Penguin overcome his fears of the unknown and enjoy this new adventure? Countless readers and reviewers have already come to love the adorable Penguin, and Salina Yoon continues this still-growing series with a timeless story of firsts and ……more

  • Details about Penguins!


    Gail Gibbons

    Their habitat, physical characteristics, and behavior.…more

  • Details about Penguins


    Liz Pichon (Illustrator)

    If you love penguins you will love Penguins! Penguins do the same thing every day. They swim, eat fish, sleep standing up, look at people, and look at more people. It's an ordinary day at the zoo until a little girl drops something into the penguin pen... see extended summary…more

  • Details about Lost and Found

    Lost and Found

    Oliver Jeffers

    What would you do if you found a penguin at your door?  Well, this boy decides to journey to the South Pole to return his new friend home.  But on the way back, he begins to rethink his decision.  Through simple, bold watercolors, Jeffers paints a touching story of a boy and a penguin.…more

  • Details about Penguin Problems

    Penguin Problems

    Jory John; Lane Smith (Illustrator)

    Have you ever thought: I have so many problems and nobody even cares? Well, penguins have problems too! Discover them in this hilarious collaboration from Jory John ( All my friends are dead. and Quit Calling Me a Monster! ) and Lane Smith ( The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales )! This penguin has come to tell you that life in Antarctica is no paradise. For starters, it is FREEZING. Also, penguins have a ton of natural predators. Plus, can you imagine trying to find your mom in ……more

  • Details about Baby Penguins Everywhere!

    Baby Penguins Everywhere!

    by Melissa Guion

    Can there be such a thing as too many adorable penguins? One day a penguin sees a most unusual sight: a hat floating in the icy water. Even more unusual? Out of the hat pops a baby penguin. But not just one baby penguin . . . or even two. But a third, and a fourth, and on and on! At first the mama penguin is happy for the company. Until she realizes that taking care of a family is very hard, very tiring work, and what she could really use is just a moment alone. Yet as newcomer Melissa Guion rem……more

  • Details about Penguin and Pinecone : A Friend Story

    Penguin and Pinecone : A Friend Story

    by Salina Yoon

    When Penguin finds a lost pinecone one day, an unlikely friendship blooms. But Grandpa reminds Penguin that pinecones can't live in the snow-they belong in the warm forest far away. Though he will miss his friend, Penguin returns Pinecone to his home, dreaming of the day they can reunite. And when he finally returns to the forest to check on his friend, Penguin discovers that love only grows over time-and so do little pinecones! Prolific author/illustrator Salina Yoon's spare text and bright, en……more