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  • Details about Can You Make a Scary Face?

    Can You Make a Scary Face?

    Jan Thomas (Illustrator)

    What kind of a face would you make if a tickly green bug were sitting on your nose? Or if it were--eek!--inside your shirt? Could you make a scary face to frighten it away? Or, even better, stand up and do the chicken dance? Yes? Then better get to it! This exuberant, interactive picture book starring a bossy little ladybug and a GIANT hungry frog will have kids leaping up and down and out of their seats to dance and make silly scary faces of their own.…more

  • Details about Ladybug Girl Dresses Up

    Ladybug Girl Dresses Up

    David Soman

     "Lulu loves to play dress-up. Her favorite thing to be is Ladybug Girl. But she also loves to dress up like a fairy princess, a wild tiger, a secret spy, and more! Join Lulu on her dress-up adventures in this book."…more

  • Details about Buzz, Buzz, Baby!

    Buzz, Buzz, Baby!

    Karen Katz (Illustrator)

    Little ones will love this Karen Katz lift-the-flap board book that features all kinds of cute bugs! Baby is looking for bugs! What will Baby find? What are those hiding on the windowsill? Lots of little ladybugs! In this adorable book from Karen Katz, little ones can lift the flaps on each spread to reveal cute critters such as little ladybugs, crawling caterpillars, teeny-tiny ants, and more! Filled with Katz's signature multicultural babies, this book with its sturdy, easy-to-lift flaps ……more

  • Details about The Grouchy Ladybug

    The Grouchy Ladybug

    Eric Carle (Illustrator)

    It's the Grouchy Ladybug's 20th birthday. To celebrate, we are introducing a new, larger format edition with brighter, more colorful pages created from Eric Carle's original artwork using the latest reproduction technology. The Grouchy Ladybug is bigger and brigher, as irascible but irresistable as ever and will surely delight new generations of readers, as well as her devoted fans of all ages. Happy Birthday, Grouchy Ladybug!…more

  • Details about What the Ladybug Heard

    What the Ladybug Heard

    by Julia Donaldson; illustrated by Lydia Monks

    Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len have a cunning plan: they'll sneak past all the animals and steal the farmer's fine prize cow. But they forget all about the tiniest, quietest creature on the farm--the ladybug. She has a plan of her own.  Julia Donaldson turns her literary expertise to a farm setting, and comes up with a rollicking barnyard mystery. Lydia Monks' colorful collage illustrations go perfectly with the story for a winning combination. Readers will quack, neigh, moo, and cheer for t……more

  • Details about Ladybugs


    Frisch, Aaron

    A kindergarten-level introduction to ladybugs covering their growth process, behaviors, the places call home, and such defining physical features as their spotted shells.…more

  • Details about Big Bug

    Big Bug

    Henry Cole (Illustrator)

    Size is relative, but everything is worth seeing in this concept book from the illustrator of And Tango Makes Three . Beginning with a beautiful close-up of a "big" ladybug, this book artfully depicts the concept of scale. The book zooms out from the bug, to a flower, to a cow, all the way to an expansive spread of sky. Then Henry Cole masterfully zooms back in from that sky, to a tree, to a house, to a window, all the way to the end where an adorable dog is taking a "little" nap. In this idea……more

  • Details about Are You a Ladybug?

    Are You a Ladybug?

    Tudor Humphries (Illustrator); Judy Allen

    The book follows a ladybug through its life cycle from an egg to getting its wings.…more

  • Details about Ladybugs


    Gail Gibbons (Illustrator)

    Ladybugs are a type of beetle. They live on six of the seven continents. There are believed to be about 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs around the world. Here are descriptions of their characteristics, their four stages of development from egg to adult, and how they live. Ladybugs eat insets that damage plants and are an important part of our environment.…more