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Bug's Life

  • Details about Little Bea

    Little Bea

    Daniel Roode (Illustrator)

    Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Little Bea is a busy, busy bee. When the sun wakes up, so does she. Friends! She needs to visit them. Treats! She needs to share them. Chores! She needs to do them. Games! She needs to play them. The whole wide world! She needs to explore it before the sun goes to sleep. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Won't you come buzz along with Little Bea?…more

  • Details about In the Tall, Tall Grass

    In the Tall, Tall Grass

    Denise Fleming (Illustrator)

    If you were a fuzzy caterpillar crawling through the tall, tall grass on a sunny afternoon, what would you see? To find out, just follow the tiny tour guide as he inches his way through the pages of this book. You'll see ants and bees and birds--hip-hopping bunnies too. You'll even hear the sounds some of them make. Crunch, munch, caterpillars lunch... Crack, snap, wings flap... Beginning as the sun is high in the sky and ending as fireflies blink and the moon rises above, this backyard tou……more

  • Details about The Very Lonely Firefly

    The Very Lonely Firefly

    Eric Carle

    A VERY classic from Eric Carle, creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar ! When a very lonely firefly goes out into the night searching for other fireflies, it sees a lantern, a candle, and the eyes of a dog, cat, and owl all glowing in the darkness. It even sees a surprise celebration of light. But it is not until it discovers other fireflies that it finds exactly what it's looking for--a surprise sure to bring smiles to anyone who turn the final page! Lushly illustrated with Eric Carle's trad……more

  • Details about The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

    The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

    Eric Carle (Illustrator)

    A VERY classic from Eric Carle, creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar ! When a little click beetle falls onto his back, he seeks the help of a wise old click beetle. "Look at me," says the more experienced click beetle, giving a loud CLICK and flipping onto its feet. But try as he might, the clumsy little click beetle just can't get the hang of it--or can he? In the tradition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar , Carle creates a winning story of perseverance and pride in achievement complete with ……more

  • Details about The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    by Eric Carle

    This book enables the teacher to raise the language awareness of the whole class as they follow the evolution of the caterpillar in days, foods and numbers.…more

  • Details about I Love Bugs!

    I Love Bugs!

    Emma Dodd (Illustrator)

    A little boy loves all kinds of bugs, from spiky spiny bugs to pretty spotty bugs. But the best bugs are hairy bugs-eightlegged scary bugs that send the boy squealing. Perfect for miniscientists everywhere!…more

  • Details about Some Bugs

    Some Bugs

    Angela DiTerlizzi; Brendan Wenzel (Illustrator)

    Get the buzz on bugs in this picture book from Angela DiTerlizzi! Grab your magnifying glass! Find your field guide! And come hop, hide, swim, and glide through this buggy backyard world! Featuring insects including butterflies and moths, crickets and cicadas, bumblebees and beetles, this zippy rhyming exploration of backyard-bug behavior is sure to have insect enthusiasts of all ages bugging out with excitement!…more

  • Details about I Love Bugs!

    I Love Bugs!

    Philemon Sturges; Shari Halpern (Illustrator)

    Some bugs hop. Some bugs make honey. Some bugs light up the sky! Come explore the amazing world of bugs! The friendly bugs that crawl all over these pages include hungry caterpillars, busy ants, and graceful dragonflies. Which one is your favorite?…more

  • Details about Bugs Galore

    Bugs Galore

    by Peter Stein; illustrated by Bob Staake

    From the inspired team behind Cars Galore comes a new read-aloud buzzing with nonstop rhymes and swarming with comical retro illustrations. Bugs, bugs, BUGS galore creep, slither, stink, and squirm; scurry, fly -- ewww, a worm! Dig in as a flurry of bugs of every shape, size, and color crawl across the page in a veritable infestation of whimsy and humor. Cars Galore creators Peter Stein and Bob Staake return to thrill (and gross out) bug enthusiasts of all ages, offering an in-the-dirt, high-in-……more

  • Details about On Beyond Bugs: All about Insects

    On Beyond Bugs: All about Insects

    Dr. Seuss; Tish Rabe; Aristides Ruiz (Illustrator)

    Find out all you ever wanted to know about insects when the Cat and company get an up-close view of life as a bug. Kids will learn how insects -- from the spittlebug to the honeybee to the moth -- see, smell, communicate, and pollinate, as well as sometimes pester and amaze and generally make life better for us humans. Catch the bug buzz with the Cat in the Hat and all his friends!…more

  • Details about Have You Seen Bugs?

    Have You Seen Bugs?

    Joanne F. Oppenheim; Ron Broda (Illustrator)

    Rhyming verse accompanies detailed paper sculptures m this stunning book which gives readers a vivid view of the lives of bugs, from their shapes to the work they do.…more

  • Details about Buzz, Buzz, Baby!

    Buzz, Buzz, Baby!

    Karen Katz (Illustrator)

    Little ones will love this Karen Katz lift-the-flap board book that features all kinds of cute bugs! Baby is looking for bugs! What will Baby find? What are those hiding on the windowsill? Lots of little ladybugs! In this adorable book from Karen Katz, little ones can lift the flaps on each spread to reveal cute critters such as little ladybugs, crawling caterpillars, teeny-tiny ants, and more! Filled with Katz's signature multicultural babies, this book with its sturdy, easy-to-lift flaps ……more

  • Details about Butterfly Colors and Counting

    Butterfly Colors and Counting

    by Jerry Pallotta; illustrated by Shennen Bersani

    In this board book by Jerry Pallotta, award-winning author of several alphabet and counting books for young children, readers will learn how to count to ten while learning the colors of the rainbow--plus some fun patterns as a bonus. Shennen Bersani's realistic and colorful art depicts ten real butterfly species, both common and rare, from around the world. BUTTERFLY COLORS AND COUNTING is a perfect companion to Pallotta's three previous board books, THE ICKY BUG COUNTING BOARD BOOK, THE ICKY BU……more

  • Details about Big Bug

    Big Bug

    Henry Cole (Illustrator)

    Size is relative, but everything is worth seeing in this concept book from the illustrator of And Tango Makes Three . Beginning with a beautiful close-up of a "big" ladybug, this book artfully depicts the concept of scale. The book zooms out from the bug, to a flower, to a cow, all the way to an expansive spread of sky. Then Henry Cole masterfully zooms back in from that sky, to a tree, to a house, to a window, all the way to the end where an adorable dog is taking a "little" nap. In this idea……more

  • Details about Big Bug Surprise

    Big Bug Surprise

    Julia Gran (Illustrator)

    Think DIARY OF A WORM meets OLIVIA.... Introducing Prunella--an irresistibly irrepressible, independent, bug-loving little girl, sure to create quite a buzz! Prunella is aflutter to share her big bug surprise at show-and-tell. But suddenly, the classroom is abuzz with an even bigger bug surprise! A swarm of bees has invaded! With her teacher and her classmates frantic, can Prunella's buggy know-how save the day? Luckily, Prunella has an idea. And like a true queen, she leads the bees safely to ……more

  • Details about The Bugliest Bug

    The Bugliest Bug

    Carol Diggory Shields; Scott Nash (Illustrator)

    "A rollicking, tongue-in-cheek entree to the entomological world." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY In this rousing read-aloud from the creators of SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE DINOSAUR STOMP, all of insect land is abuzz with news of a big contest! The demure Damselfly Dilly -- "neither clever nor frilly" -- has no thoughts of winning, but she's curious to see who will. Lively verse mixes fun, fancy, and fascinating fact, while exuberant artwork virtually flies off the page.…more