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  • Details about Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

    Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

    Catherine Thimmesh

    What makes a camel friends with a Vietnamese pig? Or a wild polar bear pals with a sled dog? In this young preschool book, Catherine Thimmesh makes us wonder at the truth and mystery of unlikely animal friendships. Because the stories behind these friendships are true, not contrived, captured by photographers in many countries ranging from Siberia to Japan, they not only give readers insight into animals but challenge preconceived notions about compatibility. This book also expresses tolerance o……more

  • Details about You Will Be My Friend!

    You Will Be My Friend!

    Peter Brown

    Lucy, a young bear, starts her day determined to make a new friend but her enthusiasm leads to all sorts of problems until, just as she is about to give up, an unexpected friend finds her.…more

  • Details about How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?

    How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?

    Jane Yolen; Mark Teague (Illustrator)

    From early childhood to life after eighty, the great challenge of any friendship is keeping it healthy and strong. In this funny, engaging book, award-winners Jane Yolen and Mark Teague present humorous, naughty dinosaur antics that any young sibling or friend will instantly recognize -- followed by dinosaur-sized hugs and expressions of affection. Do children in your home ever fight over a toy? Do good friends at school ever push or call names? And do buddies also know to share, give cookies, a……more

  • Details about Lily and Bear

    Lily and Bear

    Lisa Stubbs (Illustrator)

    A little girl imagines her best friend who comes to life one magical afternoon in this heartwarming, debut picture book from popular Etsy artist Lisa Stubbs. Lily likes nothing better than to imagine and draw the things she loves. She draws cats and birds and boats and houses, and one day she makes a very special drawing of a bear who comes to life. Lily shows Bear her favorite things, and Bear shows Lily his--because everyone knows that friends help friends see the world in a new way. That's w……more

  • Details about Bear's New Friend

    Bear's New Friend

    by Karma Wilson ; illustrations by Jane Chapman

    Eager to play in the fall leaves, Bear heads out to find his friend, Mouse, but is startled by clatter in a tree. Determined to find out who is making all the noise, Bear goes on a short journey, picking up all of his friends on the way, until he discovers a quite bashful owl whom he declares their NEW FRIEND! This 6 x 6 Classic Board Book comes with rounded corners.…more

  • Details about Ribbit!


    Rodrigo Folgueira; Poly Bernatene (Illustrator)

    A group of frogs are living happily in a peaceful pond, until they discover a surprise visitor: a little pink pig. Sitting contentedly on a rock in the middle of their pond, the pig opens his mouth and says: RIBBIT! The frogs are bewildered at first, and then a bit annoyed--"What did that little pig just say?", "Does he think he's a frog ?", "Is he making fun of us?" Soon the pig draws the attention of all the nearby animals; everyone is curious to know what he wants! After much guessing (and ……more

  • Details about Bob and Flo

    Bob and Flo

    Rebecca Ashdown

    It's Flo's first day of preschool. She has her lunch in a bucket and a new bow--but soon her bucket disappears! Does her classmate Bob have anything to do with the bucket mystery? How two irresistible little penguins find both Flo's bucket and a new friendship makes for a preschool charmer. Bob and Flo is sure to ease any back-to-school jitters.…more

  • Details about The Crayon: A Colorful Tale about Friendship

    The Crayon: A Colorful Tale about Friendship

    Simon Rickerty (Illustrator)

    Two quirky creatures. One box of crayons. Unlimited laughter. This colorful friendship story with minimal text is a treat for the imagination! One little creature has a red crayon. The other has a blue crayon. They're ready to color, and they're just getting started. Before you know it, hilarity ensues as every color in the crayon box gets pulled out. What will they draw next? And can they ever learn to share?…more

  • Details about Egg


    Kevin Henkes (Illustrator)

    Egg is a graphic novel for preschoolers about four eggs, one big surprise, and an unlikely friendship, by Caldecott Medalist and New York Times-bestselling author Kevin Henkes. Egg is not only a perfect Easter gift, but also a classic read-alone and read-aloud that will appeal all year long. This masterful and stylistically original picture book introduces young children to four eggs. One is blue, one is pink, one is yellow, and one is green. Three of the eggs hatch, revealing three baby birds ……more

  • Details about A Friend Like You

    A Friend Like You

    by Tanja Askani

    Tanja Askani has always been a friend to animals. Ever since she was a child, she has adopted animalsthat were orphaned or injured, nursed them to health, and either found homes for them or set them free.At her own home, she keeps wolf pups, raccoons, owls, rabbits, and fawns, among others. Under her care,unexpected friendships form.This collection of Tanja?s heart-melting photographs, accompanied by simple text celebrating the comfortsand delights of friendship, is sure to appeal to anyone who ……more

  • Details about Bird, Balloon, Bear

    Bird, Balloon, Bear

    Sung Na, II

    A shy bird wants to become friends with a bear, but the bear already has a friend--a big, red balloon.…more

  • Details about How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

    How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

    Jane Yolen; Mark Teague (Illustrator)

    Come along for some BIG fun as your favorite dinosaurs delight young readers with their playful antics. How do dinosaurs count to ten? Over and over and over again! This brand new board book format brings the gigantic humor of bestselling, award-winning team Jane Yolen and Mark Teague to the youngest readers, helping them learn to count from one to ten with a simple, rhyming text and laugh-out-loud illustrations! A perfect companion book to the other How Do Dinosaurs tales, and a great baby gift……more