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Unicorns and Rainbows

  • Details about Maisy's Rainbow Dream

    Maisy's Rainbow Dream

    by Lucy Cousins

    Lucy Cousins outdoes herself with this big, bold, brilliant visit to Maisy's dream world--a kaleidoscopic journey filled with familiar friends and fantastical creatures. Maisy is fast asleep in her little bed. Suddenly a dream begins inside her head. When Maisy dreams that she's going on a journey, it's only natural that all her friends come along, too. Maisy dreams about a red ladybug, and there's Charley flying by with a ladybug umbrella. She dreams of a big orange fish, and she and Panda grab……more

  • Details about Uni the Unicorn

    Uni the Unicorn

    Amy Krouse Rosenthal; Brigette Barrager (Illustrator)

    Amy Krouse Rosenthal's New York Times bestselling story of friendship, unicorns, and the power of believing! Uni is just like all the other unicorns . . . except for one thing: she believes that little girls are REAL. This magical story by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (author of I Wish You More ) illuminates Uni's not-so-fantastical dream and celebrates the sparkle of believing. Uni the unicorn is told there's no such thing as little girls! But no matter what the grown-up unicorns say, Uni believes t……more

  • Details about A Unicorn Named Sparkle

    A Unicorn Named Sparkle

    Amy Young (Illustrator)

    When Lucy sees an ad in the newspaper for a unicorn, she sends in her twenty-five cents and waits four to six long weeks for her very own unicorn to arrive. She imagines the flowers that she'll braid into his beautiful pink mane, and she even picks the perfect name for him: Sparkle. But when Sparkle arrives, his ears are too long, his horn is too short, he smells funny--and oh, he has fleas. Lucy isn't pleased, but in the end she warms up to Sparkle and realizes that even though he wasn't exactl……more

  • Details about Little Plane Learns to Write

    Little Plane Learns to Write

    Stephen Savage (Illustrator)

    The best thing about flight school is that Little Plane gets to learn how to sky-write! He adores practicing ARCS! He excels at practicing DIVES! But not everything is easy and fun. Little Plane loathes practicing LOOPITY-LOOPS. They make him dizzy. Find out what it will take to make Little Plane learn how to write in this little book about big dreams from award-winning author Stephen Savage. A Neal Porter Book…more

  • Details about The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned His ABC's (the Hard Way)

    The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned His ABC's (the Hard Way)

    Patrick McDonnell (Artist)

    Bestselling and award-winning artist Patrick McDonnell uses the ABC's to tell a hilarious, high-energy alphabetical adventure. It starts with an ALLIGATOR and a BEAR chasing a CAT. When a DRAGON (and a chicken and an egg!) join in pursuit, things start to get REALLY interesting. A wild and wacky chase through snow and ice, and to jungles and over mountaintops, leads the whole crew to a wonderful realization: They're better off as friends. From New York Times bestselling author and Caldecott H……more

  • Details about Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True

    Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True

    Amy Krouse Rosenthal; Brigette Barrager (Illustrator)

    Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager reunite to bring us a sparkly, magical sequel to Uni the Unicorn ! The Land of Unicorns is in trouble -- it has been raining and raining for what seems like forever. This is a big problem because there are only three ways that unicorns can get their magic: from the golden sun, from magnificent rainbows, and from the sparkle of believing. Luckily, Uni the Unicorn has always always always believed...that little girls are REAL. Join this very special un……more

  • Details about Unicorn Wings

    Unicorn Wings

    Mallory Loehr; Pamela Silin-Palmer (Illustrator)

    "I wish I had wings." The white unicorn can heal wounds with his horn. He can make rainbows. But what he really wants is to fly. So he sets off on a quest--past birds and butterflies--to find wings of his own. A charming Step 2 title with a ton of girl appeal.…more