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Squirrely Squirrels

Branch Cecilton Branch

Created by Lisa Hanyok
  • Details about This Is a Taco!

    This Is a Taco!

    Andrew Cangelose; Josh Shipley (Artist)

    This is a squirrel . . . "Hey, I may be a squirrel, but my name is Taco!And I don't eat nuts and tree bark--blech--I prefer tacos!" Thenatural predator of squirrels is . . . "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who is writing thisbook? I do not like where this is going." This hilarious send-up of a children'snature primer teaches kids that the most important story is the one you writeyourself.…more

  • Details about The Busy Little Squirrel

    The Busy Little Squirrel

    Nancy Tafuri

    The leaves have started to fall. The air is cold. Squirrel needs to get ready for winter. He cannot nibble with the mice. He does not have time to hop with the frogs or run with the dogs. But there is one thing he can do!…more

  • Details about A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    Lane Smith (Illustrator)

    Today is a perfect day for Cat, Dog, Chickadee, and Squirrel. Cat is lounging among the daffodils. Dog is sitting in the wading pool, deep in the cool water. Chickadee is eating fresh seed from the birdfeeder. Squirrel is munching on his very own corncob. Today is a perfect day in Bert's backyard. Until Bear comes along, that is. Bear crushes the daffodils, drinks the pool water, and happily gobbles up the birdseed and corncob. Today was a perfect day for Cat, Dog, Chickadee, and Squirrel. No……more

  • Details about Squirrel's Fall Search

    Squirrel's Fall Search

    by Anita Loughrey and Daniel Howarth

    Discover the beginnings of new life with Rabbit, enjoy the summer sunshine with Mouse, search in the leaves for hidden nuts with Squirrel and fly through a frozen wonderland with Owl. With enchanting artwork and loveable stories, this new series of pictur…more

  • Details about Leaf Trouble

    Leaf Trouble

    by Jonathan Emmett; illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church

    As the leaves on the trees go from green to red and gold, two curious squirrels embrace the change of seasons! When he wakes up one morning to find that his home tree is changing, the little squirrel is scared! Why are all the leaves falling off? Quickly he corrals his sister and they gather up the leaves in colorful pawfuls. But try as they may to stick them back on the branches, it's hopeless: Yellow, orange, red, and brown, all the leaves keep falling down! It's only when their wise mama expl……more

  • Details about Nuts to You

    Nuts to You

    by Lynne Rae Perkins

    The silhouette of a lone squirrel stood sharp against the pearly morning sky . . . No, wait--how about this: Two squirrels trudged wearily along. They were already far from home. They were headed even farther. Darkness settled around them and made it hard to move. Still, they kept on. That is so gloomy. Does it have to be so gloomy? Okay, how about: "Danger?" said the squirrel. "Ha! I laugh at danger." You didn't make that up. Someone else made that up. Okay. You start it, then. What's the story……more

  • Details about In the Middle of Fall

    In the Middle of Fall

    Kevin Henkes; Laura Dronzek (Illustrator)

    "This exquisite picture book will inspire youngsters to get outdoors and observe the world around them."--School Library Journal (starred review) From Caldecott Medalist and Newbery Honor author Kevin Henkes and acclaimed painter Laura Dronzek, the bestselling and award-winning creators of Birds and When Spring Comes, this sturdy board book edition of In the Middle of Fall is perfect for the very youngest readers. In the middle of fall, it takes only one gust of wind to turn the whole world ye……more