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Trees in Autumn

  • Details about Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

    Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

    Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (Illustrator)

    Join Mama and Buddy Bear's stroll through the seasons as they examine the development of leaves on their favorite trees. In early spring, Buddy wonders when the leaves will emerge from their buds and blossom into the wonderful shapes he and Mama like to collect in the summer months. Mama, a treasure trove of tree facts, shares Buddy's love of leaves and encourages him to use his eyes and hands to explore how a tree produces, maintains, and then sheds its foliage. With a wealth of information tuc……more

  • Details about Our Tree Named Steve

    Our Tree Named Steve

    Alan Zweibel ; illustrated by David Catrow

    Dear Kids, A long time ago, when you were little, Mom and I took you to where we wanted to build a house . . . . I remember there was one tree, however, that the three of you couldn't stop staring at . . . . After the family spares him from the builders, Steve the tree quickly works his way into their lives. He holds their underwear when the dryer breaks down, he's there when Adam and Lindsay get their first crushes, he's the centerpiece at their outdoor family parties. With a surprising lack of……more

  • Details about Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

    Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

    by Lois Ehlert

    Lois Ehlert uses watercolor collage and pieces of actual seeds, fabric, wire, and roots in this innovative and rich introduction to the life of a tree. A special glossary explains how roots absorb nutrients, what photosynthesis is, how sap circulates, and other facts about trees. "Children will beg to share this book over and over."-- American Bookseller…more

  • Details about One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me!

    One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me!

    John Micklos; Clive McFarland (Illustrator)

    This playful counting book shares the colorful highlights of the four seasons in charming illustrations. a Count your way through the seasons! In spring, the tree's leaves appear, one by one. By summer, there's a glorious canopy. And when autumn winds blow, leaves fly from the tree, one after another, leading us into winter. There's a world of activity to spy in and around this beautiful tree as the wild creatures, and one little boy, celebrate the cycles of nature. As little ones count leaves, ……more

  • Details about Tap the Magic Tree

    Tap the Magic Tree

    Christie Matheson (Illustrator)

    The acclaimed interactive picture book about the changing seasons, which the New York Times praised, "Like Herv#65533; Tullet's Press Here, Matheson's Tap the Magic Tree proves you don't need apps for interactivity." Every book needs you to turn the pages. But not every book needs you to tap it, shake it, jiggle it, or even blow it a kiss. Innovative and timeless, Tap the Magic Tree asks you to help one lonely tree change with the seasons. Now that's interactive--and magical! It begins with a ……more

  • Details about Leaf Man

    Leaf Man

    by Lois Ehlert

    Come along on a journey with a man made of leaves.…more

  • Details about We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

    We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

    Steve Metzger; Miki Sakamoto (Illustrator)

    There are lots of beautiful fall leaves to find! Three friends have a big adventure hiking over a mountain and through a forest to collect leaves of all kinds and colours. What will they do with all their leaves at the end of the story? Jump and play in them, of course! With easy rhyming text and fun sound effects, children will delight in this rollicking autumn story.…more