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Hanukkah Children's Books

  • Details about Is It Hanukkah Yet?

    Is It Hanukkah Yet?

    Chris Barash; Alessandra Psacharopulo (Illustrator)

    From snow on the ground to making applesauce and latkes to lighting the menorah, this sweet, lyrical story shows the seasonal and traditional ways we know Hanukkah is on its way.…more

  • Details about Simon and the Bear: A Hanukkah Tale

    Simon and the Bear: A Hanukkah Tale

    Eric A. Kimmel; Matthew Trueman

    Before Simon sails to America, he promises his family that he will get a job and send for them. Simon's mother knows he will need a miracle, so she reminds him to celebrate Hanukkah wherever he may be. Little does either of them know that Simon will spend the first night of Hanukkah on an ice floe after his ship sinks. Simon lights the first candle, and it attracts a visitor: a polar bear. Does she eat him? No! She shares his latkes, enjoys his songs, goes fishing for him, and even keeps him war……more

  • Details about Hanukkah Delight!

    Hanukkah Delight!

    Lesléa Newman; Amy Husband (Illustrator)

    Whimsical bunnies celebrate Hanukkah in this charming rhyming board book describing all the Hanukkah rituals beloved by Jewish kids.…more

  • Details about Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas

    Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas

    Pamela Ehrenberg; Anjan Sarkar (Illustrator)

    In this sweet and humorous picture book, Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas , a multi-cultural family (Mom's Indian; Dad's Jewish) celebrate Hanukkah while incorporating traditional Indian food. Instead of latkes, this family celebrates Hanukkah with tasty Indian dosas. To her brother's chagrin, little Sadie won't stop climbing on everything both at home and at the Indian grocery store, even while preparing the dosas. As the family puts the finishing touches on their holiday preparations, they accident……more

  • Details about Hanukah Hamster

    Hanukah Hamster

    Michelle Markel; André Ceolin (Illustrator)

    The holiday season is a busy time, with people bustling about. And it's a busy time for Edgar, a cabdriver who conveys passengers around the city. All day long Edgar drives his cab; many people going to many different places. At the end of one busy day, Edgar is so tired he climbs into the backseat of his cab to take a nap. But he discovers he is not alone. A little hamster has somehow been left behind from one of the many fares Edgar has driven. Edgar dutifully reports the hamster to the cab co……more

  • Details about Little Red Ruthie

    Little Red Ruthie

    Gloria Koster; Sue Eastland (Illustrator)

    It was a chilly winter in the northern woods, but Ruthie did not mind. Dressed in her favorite puffy red coat, she was going to spend Hanukkah with her grandmother, who lived on the other side of the forest. Ruthie was bringing sour cream and applesauce to go along with the yummy latkes. She carefully packed her basket and kissed her mother good-bye. Snow began to fall. Soon Ruthie was lost in a thicket, and she was not alone. Someone was hiding behind the tree, and when he jumped out, Ruthie fo……more

  • Details about Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Hanukkah: With Lights, Latkes, and Dreidels

    Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Hanukkah: With Lights, Latkes, and Dreidels

    Deborah Heiligman

    With dazzling images and engaging text, readers learn about the historical and cultural significance of Hanukkah and why it is celebrated around the world. From the lighting of the menorah to the special foods that are shared to the spinning of the dreidels, they'll get insights about this holiday's traditions and the Jewish faith. This book also offers fascinating facts, a recipe, and a Common Core-aligned activities. National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.……more