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  • Details about Ribbit!


    Rodrigo Folgueira; Poly Bernatene (Illustrator)

    A group of frogs are living happily in a peaceful pond, until they discover a surprise visitor: a little pink pig. Sitting contentedly on a rock in the middle of their pond, the pig opens his mouth and says: RIBBIT! The frogs are bewildered at first, and then a bit annoyed--"What did that little pig just say?", "Does he think he's a frog ?", "Is he making fun of us?" Soon the pig draws the attention of all the nearby animals; everyone is curious to know what he wants! After much guessing (and ……more

  • Details about I Don't Want to Be a Frog

    I Don't Want to Be a Frog

    Dev Petty; Mike Boldt (Illustrator)

    Fans of Mo Willems's Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back will love meeting this willful young frog with a serious identity crisis. Frog wants to be anything but a slimy, wet frog. A cat, perhaps. Or a rabbit. An owl? But when a hungry wolf arrives-a wolf who HATES eating frogs-our hero decides that maybe being himself isn't so bad after all. In this very silly story with a sly message, told in hilarious dialogue between a feisty young frog and his heard-it-al……more

  • Details about I'm a Frog!

    I'm a Frog!

    Mo Willems (Illustrator)

    Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In I'm a Frog! Piggie has some ribbit ing news! Can Gerald make the leap required to accept Piggie's new identity?…more

  • Details about A Frog's Life

    A Frog's Life

    Irene Kelly; Magharita Borin (Illustrator)

    A stunningly illustrated introduction to our planet's many frog species! Frogs, frogs, and more frogs! This exciting survey of the world's frog species will introduce children to varieties as diverse as the golden poison frog (the planet's most toxic animal), the Amau frog (so tiny it's no bigger than a housefly), and the Chinese gliding frog (which can "fly" up to 17 feet)! Their different hunting techniques, preferred foods, body types, and methods of defense are covered, as are the univers……more

  • Details about The Caterpillar and the Polliwog

    The Caterpillar and the Polliwog

    by Jack Kent

    Impressed by the proud caterpillar's boast that she will turn into a butterfly when she grows up, a polliwog determines to watch the caterpillar very carefully and turn into a butterfly too.…more

  • Details about Jump, Frog, Jump!

    Jump, Frog, Jump!

    Robert Kalan; Byron Barton (Illustrator)

    "This is the turtle that slid into the pond and ate the snake that dropped from a branch and swallowed the fish that swam after the frog -- JUMP, FROG, JUMP!" This infectious cumulative tale will soon have the young frogs you know jumping and chanting with joy.…more

  • Details about Frogs


    Aaron Frisch

    "A kindergarten-level introduction to frogs, covering their growth process, behaviors, the watery places they call home, and such defining physical features as their tongues"--…more

  • Details about Will You Help Me Fall Asleep?

    Will You Help Me Fall Asleep?

    Anna Kang; Christopher Weyant (Illustrator)

    From the author-illustrator team of You Are (Not) Small, winner of the 2015 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award, comes another adorable picture book featuring Monty. Hey, you. Yes, you! Monty needs YOUR help! Tomorrow is the annual boat race and Monty needs as much energy as possible to make sure he crosses the finish line first. He tried closing his eyes, counting sheep, and reading a book, but nothing will help him fall asleep. In this interactive follow-up to Can I Tell You a Secret?, Monty the frog a……more

  • Details about I Spy with My Little Eye

    I Spy with My Little Eye

    Edward Gibbs (Illustrator)

    Look through this eye-catching book's special spy hole to discover a world of animal colors! Have you ever played the I-spy game? Debut artist Edward Gibbs takes the game to a whole new level in this picture book with spy holes. Peeking through the pages, children will be able to spot a different colored animal every time, and guess what it is using a simple, factual clue. Bold illustrations and die-cut holes will absorb young readers as they learn about colors and animal names.…more

  • Details about Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble

    Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble

    Tatyana Feeney

    Little Frog lives with his mommy and daddy. It's just the three of them, and Little Frog likes it that way. But one day, his parents tell him he is going to be a big brother--to NINE tadpoles! Little Frog is not impressed with his baby siblings. They can't jump. They can't play drums. They can't do anything! All they do is keep Mommy and Daddy busy--too busy for Little Frog. But with a little time, big brother realizes that tadpoles grow into little frogs, just like him. And having nine new pl……more

  • Details about Can You Make a Scary Face?

    Can You Make a Scary Face?

    Jan Thomas (Illustrator)

    What kind of a face would you make if a tickly green bug were sitting on your nose? Or if it were--eek!--inside your shirt? Could you make a scary face to frighten it away? Or, even better, stand up and do the chicken dance? Yes? Then better get to it! This exuberant, interactive picture book starring a bossy little ladybug and a GIANT hungry frog will have kids leaping up and down and out of their seats to dance and make silly scary faces of their own.…more

  • Details about Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

    Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

    James Dean (Illustrator); Kimberly Dean

    Pete the Cat wakes up feeling grumpy--nothing seems to be going his way. But with the help of some rockin' magic sunglasses from Grumpy Toad, Pete learns that a good mood has been inside him all along. Groove and move with Pete as he helps Squirrel, Turtle, and Alligator discover that the sun is shining and everything's alright!…more