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Cut the Clutter

Posted April 27, 2017

Are you thinking about listing your current home to get more space? Have your kid’s items taken over your whole house, like mine? Before you list, or even if you are only thinking about listing, make sure to check this helpful guide that can he…

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News of the World: A Novel

Posted April 7, 2017

Captain Jefferson Kidd, an aging veteran of three American wars, is reluctantly tasked with a very challenging delivery. He must return a ten year old Kiowa Indian captive named Johanna back to the German family she was taken from four years prior. A…

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Hell or High Water

Posted January 26, 2017

Toby Howard has a plan to save his family’s ranch in West Texas. Unfortunately, his plans involve a series of robberies from the very bank that holds the mortgage on the ranch. After Toby (Chris Pine) finds out there is a fortune in oil on the …

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Posted October 3, 2016

Who would have thought a book without words would be so fun to read! Bill Thomson’s imaginative illustrations captured the attention of my two and four year old, which is not always easy to do. At first I “narrated” the story by des…

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The dark

Posted September 1, 2015

"You may be afraid of the dark, but the dark is not afraid of you"....this is what young Laszlo comes to find out one night when his nightlight bulb burns out. To make matters worse, Laszlo lives in an old creaky house with lots of stairs and big win…

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Star WarsPosted December 28, 2016