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Zoology for Kids: Understanding and Working with Animals, with 21 Activities

Posted April 7, 2017

Fish, birds, and mammals, oh my! We certainly live in a very diverse and interesting world when it comes to all the different kinds of creatures that walk our planet, fly in our skies, and swim in our seas. Children have a particular fascination with…

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The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A. with 50 Fact-Filled Maps!

Posted January 26, 2017

Did you know that Juneau, the capital city of Alaska, has no access road and can only be reached by air or sea? Did you know that for just a dollar you can see a 25-foot-tall dragon breathe fire in Illinois? Did you know that there is an annual Bigfo…

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The Storybook of Legends

Posted January 4, 2017

Fairy tales have fascinated people for centuries. We’re intrigued by stories of evil witches with poisonous apples and fair princesses with golden hair that handsome heroes can climb. Presently, it’s become all the rage to revisit these l…

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Melvin Beederman: The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich

Posted July 29, 2015

Heroes have a lot of really cool stuff. They have cool outfits, cool sidekicks, cool superpowers, and cool nicknames. But there is something that superheroes have that isn't that cool: super weaknesses. For Melvin Beederman, Superhero, the biggest we…

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A leaf can be--

Posted June 9, 2015

It's always pleasant when you pick up a book that combines beautiful words, beautiful pictures, and beautiful concepts. A Leaf Can Be... by Laura Purdie Salas is one such book.

While using a steady, rhythmic, rhyming sequence, Salas takes children o…

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Posted December 31, 1969
Posted December 31, 1969

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