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Tasty Latest and Greatest: Everything You Want to Cook Right Now (an Official Tasty Cookbook)

Posted January 31, 2018

If you happen to get your copy of Tasty: Latest & Greatest when you are hungry and there is no meal in sight, you may want to wait to open it. Its name may be familiar from the Buzzfeed blog and YouTube channel, but book introduces similarly appe…

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Into the Drowning Deep

Posted November 28, 2017

Do you enjoy swimming, fishing, or other activities that take you onto the water? If you do, avoid Mira Grant’s Into the Drowning Deep at all costs, as it will leave you with a sneaking worry about what lurks beneath the waves.

Victoria Stewar…

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A Study in Charlotte

Posted August 29, 2017

What if Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and James Moriarty really existed and had children? This is the springboard for Brittany Cavallaro’s A Study in Charlotte, the first of a planned trilogy. The protagonists are the many-times-great-grandchil…

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The Alice Network: A Novel

Posted July 28, 2017

If you are planning to read Kate Quinn’s The Alice Network, you may want to clear your schedule. Told alternately from the point of view of Charlie, an American college girl in 1947 who is seeking her missing cousin, and Eve, a young half-Frenc…

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To Say Nothing of the Dog, or, How We Found the Bishop's Bird Stump at Last

Posted February 24, 2017

Ned Henry is tired. He has spent countless hours searching through time for the Bishop's Bird Stump, an urn of indescribable ugliness, for the indomitable Lady Schrapnell's project to restore Coventry Cathedral. Diagnosed with time-lag, an illness br…

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