City of Girls

Posted October 3, 2019

Historical fiction fans will love this new book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Told from a perspective of an older woman looking back on her youth spent in the 1940s New York City theatre world, "City of Girls" is fun, enlightening, and a joy to read.

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love

Posted September 17, 2019

When Dani Shapiro submits her DNA to a genealogy website on a whim at the age of fifty-four, she receives some shocking results: her father is not her biological father. After some careful Internet sleuthing, Dani discovers that her birth father was,…

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Small Fry: A Memoir

Posted December 4, 2018


In Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs offers a unique spin on the typical coming-of-age memoir: her father happens to be Steve Jobs, inarguably one of the most celebrated contributors to the modern world. Jobs, however, despite his renown, his…

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Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York

Posted November 2, 2018

A well-researched and chilling account of New York City's infamous Blackwell Island (now known as Roosevelt Island). Blackwell Island was a 2-mile island in the East River where 19th century New York once housed vagrants, petty criminals, and the poo…

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Educated: A Memoir

Posted May 31, 2018

A powerful story of one woman's struggle to break free of her past and of her family in order to shape a better world for herself. Tara Westover is the youngest of seven children born to survivalists in 1986 rural Idaho. Her …

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