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The Stolen Marriage

Posted January 31, 2018

Set in 1944, Tess has her life pretty well planned.  She is finishing her nursing degree, engaged to her lifelong sweetheart Vince who is completing his residency.

Weekend trip out of town and Tess becomes pregnant to furniture magnate Henry Kr…

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Love and Other Consolation Prizes

Posted November 28, 2017

Can you imagine being the prize for a raffle ticket at the World’s Fair?  Meet Ernest Young, 12 years old, half-Chinese orphan, whose mother let him be taken to the US to escape her opiate-poor existence.

Ernest completes school and it is…

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Say Goodbye for Now

Posted October 27, 2017

Living in Texas isolation, Dr. Lucy is a medical doctor who treats abandoned/wounded animals.  To maintain the animals she occasionally takes care of a human, no questions asked, and no records sent to the authorities.

Pete Solomon and his best…

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The Ebb Tide

Posted September 27, 2017

Even as a wee girl Sallie had a feeling of wanderlust, often wandering off during a family gathering, only to be found close by exploring God’s big, beautiful world.  Sallie has been saving her salary from the local restaurant to make her …

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Little Mercies

Posted August 29, 2017

We all live very hectic lives and sometimes things are overlooked when a change is made in our daily routine.  Listen to “Little Mercies” and see how one tiny change can alter many lives. 

Ellen Moore is employed as a children&…

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