With a name like Templeton, what's not to love? Award-winning children's book author, Greg Pizzoli, introduces us to this lovable, but disgruntled, feline. Templeton's parents want everything kept clean and his younger brothers always have their paws on his favorite toys. As his frustration builds, Templeton crafts a devious plan to solve his problems after seeing an ad for a magic diamond. He robs his brother's piggy bank to pay for it, and after receiving the diamond in the mail, successfully wishes his family away. At first, Templeton revels in the freedom of doing what he wants. He plays, sings, eats, draws, and certainly does not clean up or take a bath. But as time goes by, Templeton feels lonely and sometimes afraid. Eventually, Templeton decides he would rather have his family around, and uses the diamond to reverse his wish. He uncovers the true bond of family and finds himself much happier.

This book is quite endearing, as the young main character deals with the stresses of family life. Most children, especially those with siblings, will relate to Templeton's frustrations and will appreciate the lesson learned at the conclusion of the story. Pizzoli's cartoon illustrations create an element of ease, and take us back in time with a more simple style not often seen in new publications. There are even hints of character favorites from his previous works embedded in the illustrations. Greg Pizzoli's artistic approach has been compared to Ed Emberley, due to the simplistic styles and color palates. With the attention to detail, the entire book package is a thematic work of art. Other recent titles by Pizzoli include: The Watermelon Seed (2014 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Winner) and Number One Sam. Templeton Gets His Wish is best suited for kids up to age 6, but will most certainly be enjoyed by the whole family!


Recommended by Jennifer Carter


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