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19-year-old Ed Kennedy is an underachieving taxi driver with no direction, self-esteem or goals. His life seems pretty boring until one fateful day: he boldly stops a bank robbery and helps bring the criminal to justice. Ed becomes hero for a day, but the fame quickly evaporates and his life returns to its normal nothing-ness. Except that it doesn't. Mysteriously, playing cards start to arrive in his mailbox, each with addresses printed on them. Ed figures out that he's supposed to go to these places and do something, but he doesn't know what. Yet the unknown compels Ed to act, and each clue leads him to someone who desperately needs his help. Every "mission" is totally unpredictable - some are dangerous and freaky while others are oddly heart-warming. Ed never knows what to expect and neither does the reader. Nevertheless, Ed's life begins to take on meaning as he painstakingly navigates the mystery that his life has become. He's a pathetically loveable anti-hero and his struggles raise intriguing questions about morality, relationships and the meaning of life. Dark and very genuine, the book will keep readers turning pages until a very satisfying ending.

Recommended by Erica Jesonis


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