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Out of the 26 books (most YA) that I’ve read in 2015, ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon is placed at the top of the list as a favorite.  What had me drawn to this story was gigantic rare complication of the main character, Madeline’s life; SCIDS also known as ‘bubble baby disease’ basically Maddie is allergic to the world.  She hasn’t left her house in 17 years, attends school online, everything and anyone (there aren’t many) that enters her home is sterilized.   

Madeline has grown accustomed to her world indoors. She has her mother, her home nurse Carla, school and her books.  On a random weekday she sees a moving truck pull up to the empty house next door, Maddie & Carla watched as the family unloaded the truck… BAM, there he is: Olly.  Carla knew it, she saw it instantly: this lad Olly is going to alter Madeline’s sterilized life for sure.

As the story unfolds you learn a lot about the characters, as they dig a little bit deeper into each other’s lives.  You experience the friendship that forms between Maddie & Olly via emails, texts, and other chats. 

The character development is clever: you see a shift as you read. There are some great surprises and lighthearted conversations mixed in with some very serious issues.

Nicola Yoon does a fantastic job keeping the tone engaging with a great balance of cheeky fun, seriousness, and important lessons learned so that it doesn’t get to dark, or stay too light.

If you want an adorable read, with interesting characters that are not too clever for their britches, and the excitement of ‘how is this going to end’ this the perfect book.

Recommended by Mandi Rosado


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