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Award-winning fantasy writer Robert McCammon returns to post-apocalyptic, sci-fi/horror genre he helped popularize with his 1987 blockbuster, Swan Song. Like Swan Song, The Border is a fun and fast-paced saga centered around a group of end-of-the-world survivors who have banded together in an effort to keep themselves alive another day.

This time around, Earth has become a perilous wasteland, destroyed Independence Day-style two years prior by two warring alien civilizations. We meet Ethan, a teenaged boy with no memories yet possessing mysterious powers. Ethan stumbles upon a group of survivors holed up in a makeshift fortress called Panther Ridge. As Ethan strives to earn the trust of the Panther Ridge inhabitants and to find out who--or what--he really is, it becomes apparent that his growing powers, wherever they come from, may be the key to saving humanity. But these same powers also now make him a threat to the two hostile aliens, who both suddenly take a deadly interest in Ethan and his allies.

Engrossing and well-plotted, The Border is filled with believable characters and set against an evocative war-torn background. Fans of similar epic sci-fi/horror books, such as Stephen King's The Stand or even The Walking Dead, will enjoy The Border.

Recommended by Leah Staab


Matt in NORPosted January 14, 2016

Thanks for this review. I saw this on the shelf but passed over it -- I couldn't tell by the font on the cover what it was about. Guess I shouldn't judge books by their covers. Ha! I'm going to give this a go. Cheers!

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