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Seeker by Arwen Dayton is the first book in a long time that I simply could not put down. It is a Young Adult novel with a good mixture of Fantasy and Science Fiction and it follows the story of three teens going through “Seeker” training in the Scottish countryside. Quin, the main character of the book, has spent her entire life knowing she was destined to be a Seeker, somebody who is meant to protect the good and fight the evil of the world. But on the night she takes her Oath, and becomes the very thing she worked so hard to become, she realizes that she was never given the whole truth. Being a Seeker is a lot darker than she would have ever imagined.

This is a book that makes you work for it. It will withhold information, only giving you hints and a bit of foreshadowing, to make it so you, like me, won’t be able to stop reading. You’ll have to know what a Seeker is, what Quin’s family withheld from her, what will happen next. But luckily, this book is available as an audiobook, a physical book, and an E-book through Overdrive, so you can keep experiencing it even when being forced to do other things.
Reminiscent of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games and Marie Lu’s Legend series, but still completely unique, Seeker is so addicting that you’ll definitely be grateful when you reach the end to find out that its sequel, Traveler, is also available through the library and just waiting for you to pick it up and continue the story.

Recommended by Tyler Koch


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