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Searching for a show outside the traditional CBS or ABC-type sitcom? Perhaps for something a bit more absurd, quirky, or offbeat? Then Portlandia may be right for you.

Starring Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen and musician Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia is a sketch comedy show already onto its sixth season on the Independent Film Channel. With a mastery of comedic skill and talent, Armisen and Brownstein portray a variety of reoccurring characters, ranging from outright caricatures to people you'd swear you met before in real life. It's often possible to forget you were watching a satire and instead were viewing a window into real people's lives.

Vastly underrated, yet not the type of show to have universal appeal, Portlandia lampoons all things both politically correct and counter-culture, holding a skewed mirror up to hipsters and hippies, feminists and environmentalists, activists and slackers, vegans, artists, and many more. Celebrity guest stars have included Jeff Goldblum, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde, Kyle MacLachlan, and more.

For fans of such shows as Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock, all five seasons of Portlandia are available to borrow at the CCPL.


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