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Where do you take a selfie? Sears, of course. What's your favorite movie? Billy Madison. These are obvious answers for Kimmy Schmidt, newly rescued member of an Indiana cult. At age 13, Kimmy was kidnapped and taken to an underground bunker along with three other girls. Their captor, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, is charming and charismatic and convinces the girls that they are the only humans who survived the apocalypse. When the girls are rescued seven years later, Kimmy decides to make up for lost time and start anew in New York City. She moves into a dilapidated basement apartment with Titus, an aspiring actor. This is where the story really unfolds. Kimmy must adjust to life in the big apple with her knowledge of pop culture and technology dating back to the 1990's. She finds a job, embarks on the dating scene, and tries to forget her past life as one of the "Indiana Mole Women," all while maintaining a quirky and upbeat outlook on life.


This series, written and produced by Tina Fey, shares the oddball humor that characterized Fey's show 30 Rock. Bridesmaids cast member Ellie Kemper does an amazing job playing Kimmy, and her character brings such whimsy to the show that it is hard to keep from smiling at the screen. The cast of supporting characters also makes this show great, lending moments of dark NYC humor and hilarious pop culture references. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is witty, unexpected, and will leave you singing the theme song for hours after a good binge-watching session.


As Kimmy would say, hashbrown #Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

Recommended by Katelyn McLimans


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