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Did you already read The Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Maze Runner? Are you looking for a great new dystopian series? Then try Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. In this dystopian world, there are two groups: reds and silvers. The reds are the commoners, working menial jobs for little pay, and the silvers are the ruling class who possess superhuman powers. As far as Mare Barrows is concerned, this is how her life has always been. She is a red, a girl powerless to the whims of the silvers, and she must learn a valuable trade before her next birthday or she will be sent to the warfront. Although Mare’s family encourages her to find employment, she spends her days mastering thievery and getting involved with rebels. That is, until she has a chance meeting that lands her a job as a servant in the palace.

Mare’s family is thrilled. She will be safe at the palace, free from the danger of battle. This all changes, however, when Mare learns that she has powers too. Her powers soon become common knowledge, and she must hide the fact that she is a red or risk outrage by the silvers. Mare is forced to hide her gifts in plain sight, even agreeing to marry the silver prince in order to gain the trust of the people. In a novel of rebellion, power, and betrayal, Mare must fight each day for her people, her family, and her own life.

With a suspenseful and shocking ending, this first novel will be sure to get you hooked on the series! Book two is Glass Sword and available in book, ebook and audiobook formats. While waiting for books three and four to be published, Aveyard’s short story collection “Cruel Crown” that features characters in that same universe.

Recommended by Katelyn McLimans


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