Jennifer Weiner delivers again in her newest novel Best Friends Forever.  With her clever plot twists and knack for storytelling, Weiner tells the story of how true friendship can stand the test of time.  Addie Downs and Valerie Adler became friends at a young age in Pleasant Ridge, Illinois, but their lives take them down different paths.  Addie's brother's accident changes her family's life forever.  Valerie loses her tomboy image for the cheerleading squad.  Addie's weight escalates as she feeds her insecurities with late-night binges.  Valerie uses what her mother has taught her to move up the social ladder.  Ultimately, a high-school scandal rocks their friendship to the core. The girls go on living their lives, and dealing with personal demons and emotional baggage.  Valerie hasn't seen Addie since high school, and has since taken her place as a local television personality.  Addie has suffered through unimaginable loss, and remains in her childhood home as an artist.  An attempt at vengeance after their 15-year high school reunion leads Valerie to Addie's doorstep with blood on her coat.  Their paths would probably never have crossed, except Valerie instantly turns to her old best friend for help. Not knowing what to do, the girls skip town for a few days.  Back at the reunion site, evidence is found and the police are notified.  An intense investigation ensues, and the police chief, Jordan Novick, is putting clues together with a little help from his friends around town. During their time together, Addie and Valerie reconnect on many levels.  Questions are answered, secrets are shared, new love is found, and fences are mended.  This is a great read for anyone who has endured long-lasting friendship.


Recommended by Jennifer Carter


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