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In one brief, explosive moment, Kip McFarland's life changes forever.   What appears to be a heinous crime to outsiders is an accident caused by nine- year-old Kip who lashes out at life's unfairness without any thought of the consequences.  He spends four years in a juvenile ward for the death of the seven year old child he accidentally doused with gasoline and set on fire due to his irresistible urge to destroy the new baseball glove the boy had received for his birthday.  To Kip, the new glove represents all that he lost and feels he will never have again due to his mother's recent death. The story really begins with Kip's release from juvie and his move to Indiana.  He and his family carefully build a new life around them only to have it destroyed again because of Kip's need to punish himself.  With their lives in turmoil once more, Kip's family moves to Texas where, amazingly, Kip begins to figure out that although he will never forget what he did, he just might be able to live with it.


Recommended by Tracy Miller


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