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Silicon Valley is a brilliant HBO comedy following a group of young software engineers who are struggling to build their own startup company. The main character, Richard Hendricks, is a shy, 26-year-old genius and college dropout. He works for a giant internet company called Hooli, located in Silicon Valley, California. In his spare time, he unintentionally writes a data compression algorithm, which may, potentially, be worth billions. Rather than accepting the ten million dollar buyout from Hooli, Hendricks decides to quit his job, hire his friends, and take his algorithm to start his own company. This elevates him suddenly from a simple computer coder to a CEO. Among the many problems? He and his friends are largely clueless on how to run a company.

The show's strengths lie in two areas: its writing and its characters. The humor, albeit occasionally vulgar, is sharp, intelligent, and spot on. The jokes are funny twice: the first time around and once again days later when you find yourself recalling them. But Silicon Valley's true highlight is its characters and the dynamics between these six friends. The actors are fully believable in their roles as highly-intelligent, often socially-inept geeks who, despite their flaws, become increasingly endearing as the series progresses. They are cool simply because they are so uncool.

Silicon Valley will appeal to those who have enjoyed other tech-based shows such as Mr. Robot or who enjoy satirical, workplace comedies such as Office Space


Recommended by Leah Staab


JoshPosted January 17, 2018

Thanks for this recommendation! Currently on Season 2 of this hilarious show and its an instant favorite. Office Space is legendary so I was a bit skeptical at first but this show delivers and does enough to stand on its own. The band of friends/coworkers are a riot and its a miracle they even manage to function, yet its always gratifying when they succeed. Its tough to pick a favorite because they're all so unique yet equally outrageous! Couldn't stop laughing at times. The supporting cast are great as well, including the classic douchebag boss guy at Hooli with a spiritual advisor in tow who does nothing but marvel at his "genius" (he's probably paid a ton of money to do that, right?). And the character of Peter Gregory is the one oddball uber-elite you end up liking. Sadly, the actor who played him passed away during production of Season One. A tech comedy show like this might seem dated seeing as how other shows like it are literally decades old now, but this one is fresh. Loved it.

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