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I keep seeing this name--Elon Musk--everywhere all of sudden, particularly on the web, even referenced in television shows. So I was more than a little curious when I came across this book about him. 

Who is Elon Musk? The short answer: an entrepreneur, an engineer, an industrialist, a CEO, and a visionary. The longer answer is quite a bit more complicated and far more impressive.  He has often been called a real-life Tony Stark; others have drawn comparisons to Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, or Henry Ford. Musk may be a billionaire but his actions and his ideas suggest he is motivated by something greater than money.

After making his first fortune with PayPal, Musk helped start three more remarkable companies:  Tesla, Solar City, and SpaceX. His foremost objective is to land humankind on Mars within the next decade. With such lofty goals, Musk has no shortage of supporters or detractors.

Ashlee Vance's book is very accessible and well-researched. Although Vance is hardly unbiased, he does make some attempt to accurately depict Musk as a polarizing man who is described as ruthless, abusive, and eccentric by some; thoughtful, caring, and altruistic by others. Drawing from hundreds of interviews with not only Musk but also with family members, friends, colleagues, current and former employees, and industry experts, it is the first and only authorized biography on Musk.

Recommended by Leah Staab


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