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Westworld is a new show based on a 1973 movie with the same title. Originally conceived by the late Michael Crichton, Westworld is a thought-provoking drama that's part science-fiction, part western, and 100% addictive.

It takes place sometime in the future and centers around an Old West-themed park populated by androids (robots with human appearance), who portray a variety of Western archetypes: outlaws, gunslingers, lawmen, saloon owners, prostitutes, and more. These androids, also called "hosts", are indistinguishable from real people. They look, talk, think, and respond just like us. They have memories and even feel emotions; although, they're presently unaware that everything about their lives is artificial.

Guests who visit this sophisticated park can interact with the hosts in any way they desire, no matter the desire, and without consequence. Think of it as entering a completely immersive and believable video game where you can be anyone and do anything. Things, however, go seriously awry when the androids inexplicably start to malfunction and become aware of who and what they are.

Westworld is not perfect, but it’s nearly perfect. Even as the plot starts to unravel towards the end, it remains compelling. And the visual imagery is stunning; the show just looks beautiful. Its A-list cast includes Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, and more.


Recommended by Leah Staab


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