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Arthur Less is about to turn 50, right around the same time as his ex-boyfriend of 9 years gets married. So what's a failing novelist to do? Well, accept every invitation he's been given in the last few months and travel around the entire world, of course. 


  • This book is for people who: 
    love to laugh
    like reading about writers or the literary world
  • like reading award-winning novels
  • shy away from reading Pulitzer-Prize winning books
  • are in love or hopeless romantics
  • turn up their nose at romance
  • are getting old and are either worrying or not worrying about it
  • are young who think they are old

If this sounds like a book you would enjoy, you may also want to try This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! by Jonathan Evison. 

Recommended by Allie Charles


LisaPosted July 31, 2018

Agreed! This book made me chuckle and sometimes laugh aloud - clever, subtle humor and twists of happenstance. The main character is somewhat hapless but manages to muddle through in the most delightful manner. I galloped through the story, not wanting to leave Mr. Less alone in his struggles.

LeahPosted July 3, 2018

I loved this book!

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