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Alec loves to read!  He reads all the time, even during class when he should be paying attention to his teacher. When Alec is called into the principal’s office, he’s told that if he gets caught reading during class one more time then he will have to attend summer school. So, Alec starts a club after school, The Losers Club.  The Losers Club is not for losers—it’s actually a reading club. But that’s all part of Alec’s plan—it ensures he is the only member of the club, since who would want to be in a club for losers?  Surprisingly, Alec finds out that other people like reading just as much as he does and his plan backfires.  This book, with a healthy dose of humor and drama, and touches on topics such as bullying, developing your first crush, and being a good role-model and friend. A book list of all of the titles mentioned in The Losers Club can be found in the back of the book, just in case you need more reading material or just want to compare your favorite books to Alec’s.

Recommended by Tracy Alexander


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