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One of the most buzzed about TV shows of the last few years is the wonderfully addicting drama Lost. The series ropes you in from the opening moments and the 5 seasons that follow only prove that Lost is one of the most intelligent dramas on television today. After an oceanic flight from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes on a deserted island 1,000 miles off course, 48 survivors must learn to survive together. Among the survivors include Jack, the island's resident doctor; Kate, the on-the-run criminal; Sayid, an Iraqi interrogator; Sawyer, the con man; Charlie, the one hit wonder, and the mystifying John Locke. Simple survival is their first priority, but they soon realize that the island is not as it seems. There are mysterious hatches in the ground, polar bears roaming the island's jungles, a French distress call playing on a loop for sixteen years, and the harrowing realization that the survivors are not the only ones on the island. Through a series of character centric flashbacks, the viewer gets a glimpse into the past (and in some cases, future) of these castaways and realize that it may be more than sheer chance that brought them to together.

Recommended by Monica Shine


LeahPosted October 17, 2009

I definitely had an insatiable appetite for this show and would regularly hold marathons, although I'm too embarrassed to admit how many red-eyes I pulled. My only complaint with this show is the same complaint I have about J.J. Abram's other (previous) show, Alias. It was really engaging and interesting for awhile, and then the plot just got ridiculous and out-of-control. Even still, I won't miss an episode, and I can't wait to see the conclusion. So many loose ends to tie up!

JeniPosted October 15, 2009


TonyPosted October 15, 2009

I'm jealous of everyone who gets to watch these first few seasons from start to finish! For people who've been following the show on TV, the wait between seasons is hard to bear sometimes. Great show. Can't wait to see what happens in the coming season.

TomPosted October 14, 2009

I have to concur: Lost is one the most engaging, smartly written shows of our era. It'll be so sad when it ends.

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