I'm convinced that Mad Men is some of the best television ever made.  Why?  The show combines meaty and dramatic plots with an interesting historical and psychological slant.  Full of characters you love and characters you love to hate, the storyline centers around a successful New York advertising agency in the 1960s.  The business of advertising was awakening to the use of psychology, sex appeal and other manipulations and the show presents a gripping behind-the-scenes look at how such marketing shaped American life.  The men who work there, their wives and secretaries all attempt to maintain a perfect 1960s exterior while struggling with their inner demons.  Confused identities and gender issues play a large part of the drama in this world of traditional and perfectionist expectations.  While firmly anchored in the past, the intrigues and psychological drama of the characters are still fresh and relevant for a modern audience.  The show even has an impressive look – highly stylized with impeccable wardrobe and set design.  This is the kind of show that you can lose yourself in, pondering the fate of the characters as if they were real people.  Television at its best, try watching one episode and see if you can stop there…

Recommended by Erica Jesonis


TanyaPosted November 18, 2009

This IS the best show on television. I don't watch much T.V. but I have not missed an episode of Mad Men.

TonyPosted November 18, 2009

I just started this series and I'm already hooked!

JenPosted November 5, 2009

This show is one of my new favorites. It does a great job of capturing what a different world the 1960's was. I found role Don Draper to be one of the best acted, multifaceted characters on TV today, and the supporting cast works so well together.

kelliePosted November 5, 2009

Love this show. It really makes you think about how life was like back then. The acting is amazing and you get sucked in and very attached to the characters.

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