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With glittering sparse prose and clear-eyed insight, Jennifer Sey recounts the harrowing tale of her pursuit of gymnastics glory in the eighties.  From the moment 7 year old Jennifer Sey watched Nadia Comaneci during the 1976 Olympics, she too dreamed of Olympic glory.  At the time, she was just an everyday gymnast at a no-name gym in New Jersey, but by the time she was 11 she was competing on the elite gymnastics circuit which culminated in her becoming the U.S. National Champion gymnast in 1986.  Fueled by an amazing competitive drive, she endured intense practices, a clean break of the femur (and several other sprains and breaks along the way), as well as the stress of competing at such a high level. And by the time she was 18, the sport was finished with her.  Faced with the prospect of a life without gymnastics, Jennifer was forced to reevaluate herself and find the inner strength to match her athletic strength. Sey is not afraid to be perfectly candid about the ups and countless downs with this gritty, uncompromising look at what it takes to win at all costs.  It’s a heartbreaking, unflinching story which attests to the nature of true strength and grace.

Recommended by Monica Shine


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