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If you're like me, then you look forward to the easy reading, lighthearted novellas many authors publish around the holidays, and Debbie Macomber's latest heartwarming and hilarious contribution, The Perfect Christmas, won't disappoint. All Cassie wants for Christmas is someone special to spend it with.  She's a 33-year-old chemist who's tried everything from blind dates to the internet to find her true love.  Determined not to spend another Christmas alone, Cassie enlists the help of a professional matchmaker rumored to be rude but brilliant and eagerly hands over the $30,000 fee in high hopes of meeting her match.  However, things get off to a rocky start when Simon, her mordant matchmaker, makes Cassie perform a series of tasks before she can meet the man he has in mind for her.  Cassie endures hours in the cold as a charity bell ringer, makes a startling appearance as Santa's elf, and prepares a holiday meal for her neighbors who she prefers to avoid. Throughout it all Cassie keeps a sense of humor and learns a little about herself, too.  She gets a surprise as her thoughts slowly turn from her mystery man to Simon who takes a bit of convincing that he is Cassie's ideal match and just what she needs to make this year's Christmas a perfect one. 

Recommended by Tracy Miller


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