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Imagine that it was possible to get a momentary glimpse of your future. Do you think you change the future you saw or are you destined to live the life you glimpsed?  Robert J. Sawyer's novel Flashforward explores those questions and many more.  Physicists Lloyd Simcoe and Theo Procopides are conducting a high tech experiment in hopes of capturing an elusive nuclear particle.  As soon the experiment starts, the whole world's consciousness jumps ahead by 21 years and everyone on earth is treated to a 2 minute glimpse into their future.  Lloyd's flash forward reveals him with a woman who is not his fiancé, and he begins to question his upcoming nuptials.  Theo does not have a vision during the blackout, and through an intense investigation he discovers that his future is to be murdered.  Theo tries intently to solve his own murder and alter the course of his morbid fate.  Flashforward is an engaging cautionary science fiction thriller with a great commentary on free will versus destiny.  Most people have fantasized about knowing the future, but this novel will make you realize what a double edged sword knowing it can be.

Recommended by Monica Shine


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