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I can't say enough about Neil Gaiman's latest title The Graveyard Book. On the night of his parent's brutal murder, a toddler wonders off and finds himself in a graveyard. The ghosts there take him in and vow to raise him as their own. He has other guardians, Silas and Miss Lupescu, who are neither ghost nor human and are able to bring him food and give him protection. As the child, aptly named Nobody, grows older, he struggles with toeing the line between the human world, in which he has a deadly enemy, and the mysterious world of the graveyard. The Graveyard Book also toes the line between fantasy and a coming-of-age tale; while it's packed with other worldly beings and fantastical adventures it also explores universal themes, such as struggling with growing up and forming one's own identity. A must read that will be a pleasure for fans of Neil Gaiman's work and for those picking up his writing for the first time.

Recommended by Caroline Barlow


DavidPosted October 7, 2010

My son and I were lucky enough to attend an event where Neil Gaiman read from this book. We bought a copy and enjoyed the story very much ... it's sort of like the Jungle Book but instead of being raised by wolves, the main character ("Nobody") is raised by ghosts. The humor keeps it from being too scary, though we will never see an old graveyard quite the same way again.

LeahPosted January 15, 2010

What drew me to start this book was definitely the unique plotline. I get sick of the same ole same ole.

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