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For Lillian, food is the means by which one expresses love, comfort, and passion. Her culinary career begins after her father walks out and her mother loses herself in books. As Lillian experiments with cooking, she notices that the only thing that returns her mother to the real world is the aroma coming from the kitchen promising something comforting and fulfilling. So Lillian vows to “cook her out” and a chef is born. Forward several years into the future and Lillian is a successful restaurant owner with a gift not only for cooking but for teaching. Her expertise extends beyond the kitchen and into the lives of the students who attend her monthly cooking class. With extraordinary sensitivity and insight, Lillian delves into the hidden desires of her students and draws them out with each tantalizing recipe.

Recommended by Tracy Miller


Megan C.Posted December 14, 2011

A very easy, enjoyable read. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

MeganPosted April 7, 2010

That sounds really good! I love fictional food books probably because they mix three of my favorite past times, reading, cooking and eating.

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