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You might think by the title that this is going to be an offbeat documentary about zany Bigfoot hunters. Instead, it's a heartbreaking story about two down-and-out middle-aged Ohio men who have dedicated their unemployed and underemployed time to seeking out the legendary creature. Bigfoot eventually takes a back seat to their life stories and the bigger picture: rural, small-town America that's been hit by the loss of its manufacturing jobs with no end in sight. Ultimately, it may be Bigfoot that's actually rescuing these two friends by catching them up in something bigger than themselves. As for Bigfoot ... well, you'll find yourself looking over your shoulder next time you're in the woods.

Recommended by David Healey


EJPosted July 9, 2010

My husband and I watched this and were really, really moved by it. Some parts were somewhat humorous because of the character's unbelievable zeal for all things Bigfoot, but mostly, the movie was whistful. Like the reviewer said, it makes you contemplate the fate of small town Americans who are increasingly stripped of prospects. On a funnier note, I love the quote from one of the characters that goes, "Oh Bigfoot, on average, they're between 4 and oh say, 15 foot tall."

LeahPosted June 23, 2010

This is definitely going on my to-view list.

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