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On New Year's Eve, Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca and Zinnia (yes, eight sisters) are preparing for a fun holiday with their parents. But Mommy and Daddy never come back from their errands, leaving the sisters alone in their enormous house. With eight cats. And the talking refrigerator. And the robot maid. (...It's a strange house.) Suddenly a note appears, explaining that each girl must discover a power and a gift before they learn the secrets of their parents' disappearance. It appears that Annie, the oldest, will be the first to do so. Can they make it on their own? Will they ever stop squabbling? And why does it smell like fruitcake in here? (You'll see.)

The next book in the series, Durinda's Dangers, follows the next sister's adventures, and so on through the rest of the series. The interactions between the sisters are funny and genuine, but the engaging mystery at the heart of the story will really keep you reading!

Recommended by Amy Lewis


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