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From the moment she enters Mica High - Stargirl is famous. She has the power to start a trend, raise an uproar, even enthrall the teachers. But for Leo, she is more than just interesting - she is his first love, and it's a love that is hard-won. Because with Stargirl, nothing is ever simple.

But just as Leo is finally figuring her out, the rest of the school is starting to turn on her - and where she once was championed for her free spirit she is now char-broiled for it. And popularity is not always forgiving.

I love this book and inhaled it in one sitting. There is something in me that undeniably relates to Stargirl and her attitude towards life - one I have always tried to emulate, but often gets overshadowed by my own fear. Because, let's face it, being non-conformist sounds good on paper, but it's wicked hard in practice. It's nice to know there are other people in the world who value free-thinking, even at the cost of popularity. A must read for any "misunderstood soul."

Recommended by Jill Cluff


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