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In this brand new series, Danny Dragonbreath is a dragon forced to attend the School for Reptiles and Amphibians where he just doesn't fit in.  He is surrounded by teachers who don't seem to like the students, bullies who are lurking behind every corner, and parents who just don't understand.  Luckily for Danny, he has Wendell, his best friend and iguana who always tries to get Danny to do the right thing.  When Danny gets into trouble with his teacher for not completing an assignment on the ocean, he decides to take Wendell with him to meet with his uncle, who happens to be a sea serpent. With the aid of some "breath"mints, Danny and Wendell are taken along on an underwater adventure to find out about the ocean first hand.  Part graphic novel, this book will appeal to fans of both The Wimpy Kid and The Magic Tree House series.

Recommended by Rachel Wright


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