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Thaddeus is eight years old and does not like his baby sister Maddie. It is not merely the jealousy of a younger sibling stealing parents' attention, no no. It is much more serious than that. You see, Maddie is a gateway between dimensions. And through her arrives a band of slug-like aliens bent on world domination! Only Thaddeus can see the truth and must stop the invasion (which will surely get him one step closer to his goal of president of the world). He tries to tell his parents (and the world via YouTube) but they fail to recognize his true genius. Can Thaddeus save the world from the evil alien invaders...who call themselves ‘The Missionaries of Smiles and Happy Feelings'...that are trying to take over the packing lunches for the homeless and modifying car engines so that they emit tulips instead of carbon monoxide....and save humanity before it's too late...and they knit socks for the victims of natural disasters?

Originally published as a serialized comic strip in the New York Times Magazine, Prime Baby is a delightfully snarky look at siblings and families that will appeal to teens and perhaps even more, adults.

Recommended by Karen Peterman


ejPosted October 7, 2010

This sounds awesome!!!!

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