In this third installment of the Fashion Kitty series, Kiki Kittie is finding life a bit lackluster.  Kiki's alter-ego is the esteemed "Fashion Kitty," who comes to rescue those needing fashion help.  Lately, there hasn't been much need for Fashion Kitty and her principal (Mrs. Rumple) has just insisted that all students wear uniforms!  (audible gasp!)  This was a tragic turn of events for the most fashionable Kiki.  Adventure and mystery are not far away, as soon Kiki hears the call for fashion help.  Fashion Kitty soon arrives at the home of Becky Burmese, who is trying to figure out how she is going to wear flip flops with socks.  Surprisingly, Becky refuses Fashion Kitty's help, leaving Fashion Kitty completely befuddled.

Back at school, a mystery is developing.  Kiki struggles whether or not to reveal her superhero identity to her closest friends as they try to figure out why Becky is pacing outside the principal's office every day in her flip flops.  Mrs. Rumple seeks the help of Fashion Kitty one night after someone has been putting gum on chair every day, ruining all of her dark blue suits.  Many kids think the culprit is Becky, but Kiki knows better after learning Becky's secret while paying Mrs. Rumple a visit as Fashion Kitty.  Can she protect Becky from false accusations without giving away her alter-ego? 

A humorous twist at the end brings all friendships back together, and Fashion Kitty has once again solved a most treacherous fashion emergency.

This book is best for kids ages 9-12 (grades 3-6).  The colorful illustrations and quick moving text paint visual images of the untold story that is left to the reader.  Although the subject matter is a bit trite, strong comprehension skills are needed to interpret the storyline, graphic aids, and dialogue.  Girls especially may like the attention to fashion, and the fun paper dolls and accessories at the end of the book.

Recommended by Jennifer Carter


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