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Devi Banks' boyfriend Bryan has just dumped her, right before senior prom. She's spent the last three years devoting herself to him. She blew off studying and all her friends to be with him and now he's gone and she has nothing. As if things weren't bad enough she just dropped her cell phone in the fountain at the mall! AND, now whenever she tries making a call she gets some crazy girl pretending to be her-from three years ago! Or is she pretending....what if the girl on the other end of the phone really is her? 14-year Devi, pre Bryan Devi? Can 17-year old Devi convince 14-year old Devi to stay away from Bryan? To study hard to get into a good college and hold onto her friends? Devi is about to find out that sometimes changing your past doesn't work out so well in the future.

Recommended by Karen Peterman


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