Are you a fan of Bones, CSI, or even House on TV? I know I am! I used to watch a show called Crossing Jordan with a young woman who was a forensic pathologist and she would use her knowledge to work with the police to solve interesting and confusing crimes. Cameryn Mahoney, the almost-18-year-old assistant to the coroner in The Dying Breath by Alane Ferguson reminds me of a young version of the television character from Crossing Jordan. This book is the fourth in the Forensic Series mysteries - Cameryn is being pursued by her ex-boyfriend, Kyle O'Neil, who has already tried to kill her once before. When a local loner is found dead in his home, Cameryn is called in by the medical examiner to help with the investigation. Matters are complicated when a note from Kyle is found next to the body for Cameryn:

To Cameryn, my anam cara,
I will love you until your dying breath. Please believe that I will find you, my Angel of Death. We are bound by cords you cannot break. Two worlds, intersecting separate pieces that the fates will never break apart. Trust that I will be with you soon.
In eternal adoration,
Kyle O'Neil

As more bodies pile up and Kyle begins to become more aggressive and threatens not only Cameryn, but also the people around her that she loves, the pressure to solve the case begins to increase. Cameryn's sharp mind and puzzle-solving skills are put to the test. She refuses to be kept safe by her father, the coroner, or the local police. She insists on solving the case herself and catching Kyle, the "psychopathic killer" who she knows is playing games with her and leaving her clues that she feels she is just missing!

Filled with a lot of suspense, a little romance, a gutsy heroine, and enough CSI-inspired gory details, The Dying Breath By Alane Ferguson will keep you guessing until the last page.

Recommended by Brandy Walton


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