Take the 1980's classic The Breakfast Club about a group of five students at a Saturday detention who, while not complete strangers, are each from a different clique or social group and combine it with the 1954 novel by William Golding The Lord of the Flies about a group of British schoolboys stuck on a deserted island who try to govern themselves with disastrous results and you get Trapped by Michael Northrop.

The novel is a flashback on high school sophomore Scotty Weem's experience of southern New England's worst nor'easter ever recorded. We find out upfront that he has survived this harrowing experience but not everyone has. The story progresses to explain how seven teens and one teacher became trapped in their high school and how at first, with the run of the school and plenty of food at their fingertips, the kids treat the experience like a sleepover. However, as the electricity goes out, the pipes freeze, heat and water become scarce, and the roof threatens to collapse the teens have many difficult decisions to make.

This was a quick, compelling read that any teen, or adult, will enjoy! The characters were typical teens and reacted like any teen you would know; dare I say their reactions were like any ADULT you would know, too! Even during a stressful and frightening nor'easter when they didn't know if they would live or die, they were concerned with looks, relationships, etc. I thought Michael Northrop did a good job of creating realistic characters and having them interact in a way that made the story, although far-fetched at times, seem very true to life and real. I think that Trapped will be a good go-to book for anyone looking for a quick story with some excitement and a little fear. Enjoy!

Recommended by Brandy Walton


LDPosted June 13, 2011

Great review! The Breakfast Club + The Lord of the Flies.. hilarious comparison. Definitely makes me want to read it.

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