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Connor plays for the Orioles on the youth baseball team.  The Orioles are on a winning streak and are close to winning the Championship.  Connor plays the position of shortstop.  According to all of Connor's teammates and coach, Connor is the star player; he is an awesome shortstop and a fantastic batter.  However, lately Connor's temper has been getting the better of him.  First, Connor misses a fly ball and throws his glove on the ground and is almost thrown out of the game.  Connor's temper gets worse and worse, and finally at one important game Connor has a HUGE meltdown and gets thrown out of the game.  He has disappointed his coach, his teammates, and even hurts one of his best friend's feelings.  He is certain that his coach is going to kick him off the team.  How will Connor win back the respect of his coach, his friendships, and the big championship? 

Recommended by Tracy Alexander


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